How Does Chemical Energy Work?


When there is an energy that is stored in compounds and when the energy is released or absorbed is when we say it is chemical energy. Some sources of chemical energy are food, oil and gas. You can find more information here:˜cchieh/cact/c120/chemener.html
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chemical energy works by eating.
The earth's rotation, mixed with the sunlight, creates air motions around the whole globe, both vertical and horizontal. Scientists attempt to harness this wind and create energy
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Chemical engineers use their understanding of chemistry, physics and biology to turn scientific breakthroughs in chemistry into real-world products and applications. They determine
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How Does Chemical Energy Work?
Chemical energy originates in the interactions of atoms and molecules. Generally, there is a rearrangement of electrons and protons, called a chemical reaction, which produce electric charges. The law of Conservation of Energy stipulates that energy can... More »
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