How Does Chemistry Relate to Biology?


Chemistry is the study of the chemical composition and properties of matter and the reactions of that matter. Biology is the study of living organisms. Any living thing has a chemical makeup. Therefore, the study of any living thing involves studying it's chemistry.
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basically, biology is mostly about living organisms. chemistry will help tell what chemicals do what to organisms and what they are made of. like photosynthesis, it's biochemistry
Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living
Understanding the chemical structure of molecules help scientists better understand biological processes. At the same time, the greater understanding of biological processes allows
Well for one, the bonds between nucleotide bases (like A to T and C to G) are hydrogen bonds. In fact the entire DNA is just a huge molecule. Protein structure takes on 3 forms--primary
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Chemistry is important to biology because living things are made up of chemical substances. There are also chemical reactions that take place in the day to day ...
Cooking is related to chemistry because a cook must know how a certain item will interact with another. Chemistry is also about interactions of items. Even without ...
Chemistry is related to pharmacy because the study of chemistry deals with the study of chemical substances. This includes the composition of chemical structure ...
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