How does chlorine affect hair color?


As a bleach, chlorine will burn the colour from your hair. Darker shades of hair may become dreary, dry out and misplace the shimmer and highlights that the colour treatment added. Blond hair may also acquire a greenish tinge.
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1. Use shampoos specially made for swimmers. These shampoos remove chlorine and the metals responsible for turning hair green. 2. Rinse your hair fully after getting out of the pool
Chlorine affects plants very much. If you don't add any water to it it will die very fast. Also when you add chlorine to plants, don't spill it on anything, because it stains.
Will Chlorine Damage Hair? Chlorine. at least as far as your hair is concerned, is a chemical disinfectant added to the water in many swimming pools. If pool owners didn't use chlorine
Chlorine shouldn't hurt acrylic nails, but having them in water quite a bit,
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Short-term exposure to chlorine may cause dryness for bleached or color-treated hair. Long-term and regular exposure to chlorine does cause bleached or color-treated ...
There is no specific amount of time to wait to swim after dying your hair brown. The concern is that the chlorine will strip out some of the color. Rinse the ...
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