How does chlorine affect hair color?


As a bleach, chlorine will burn the colour from your hair. Darker shades of hair may become dreary, dry out and misplace the shimmer and highlights that the colour treatment added. Blond hair may also acquire a greenish tinge.
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1. Rinse your hair thoroughly with clean, warm water immediately after contact with chlorinated water. Allowing chlorine to linger or dry into the hair can result in additional damage
Yes, it does. Leave colored water in a plant for one week and the color of the water put in will change the color of the plant.
"Effects of chlorine on human health and the environment depend on how much chlorine is present and the length and frequency of exposure. Effects also depend on the health of
shampooing and conditoning products, their are 2 types of conditoners thats the surface conditoner that will close the cuticle , which air makes the hair shiny and more manageable
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