How Does Chris Angel Levitate?


Chris Angel is a renowned illusionist who performs magic. Although there are various sources that explain how he levitates, most of them are just theories or speculation from web forums. To find out how he levitates, search online for some of his videos or simply watch some of his shows.
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Although it really looks like Criss Angel is levitating, it is just an illusion. It is done by keeping the audience to his back, a shoe attached to his pant leg, and a cut in his
Magicians are very secretive with their tricks. He has not given out any information regarding the
In most of them, he probably uses wires. But in one, He Creates a hole in his pants, and with his leg, pushes up on a chair or something else.
It's not possible to levitate without the assistance of science. You'd need a harness and a rig, or an illusion done by David Blaine or Chris Angel. Be careful!
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Although it may appear to be magic, the illusion of being able to levitate like Criss Angel is just that, an illusion. And it is a well known fact that a good ...
Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos who is known by the stage name Criss Angel is an American illusionist, musician, and actor. Levitation refers to a process by which ...
Criss Angel (real name Christopher Sarantakos) is a famous illusionist who performs mind blowing tricks that can often leave you scratching your head in confusion ...
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