How Does Coal Form?


Coal forms after plant materials are buried under sediments. Over years the materials become compacted. Heat and pressure eventually turn the material to coal. You can find more information here:
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Coal forms when dead plant material build up and up to form peat, which is the first step. This is compacted between layers of sedimentary rock, forming a rock call lignite. Then
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1. Pound the coal with the hammer until each piece breaks into smaller-sized chunks. Spread the broken pieces of coal in the glass pie pan. 2. Mix 2 tbsp. ammonia with 2 tbsp. distilled
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Coal comes from a process called coalification. During this process peat which is plant parts, roots, bark, spores and other things decay. The peat becomes compact and buried by sediment. This is the first step to coal formation. You can find more information here:
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