How Does Coal Make Electricity?


The coal is basically used just to make heat. Coal is pulverized and burned to turn water into steam. That steam is then used to turn the blades of a turbine that produces all of the electricity. After the steam is used it's condensed, cooled, and then used all over again. You can find more information here:
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Coal is usually burned in a furnace which heats up water into steam. The steam once superheated is then used to turn a turbine that is attached to a generator. The generator produces
Coal is a chemical substance resulting from the remains of plant material which were buried hundreds of millions of years ago; hence, it falls into the category of a fossil fuel.
Since coal is underground, it must be mined in order to be used. Many coal beds are near the surface. Special machines remove the top layer of soil and rock to expose the coal. This
About 92% of US coal is used for power. Power plants burn coal to make steam. The
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The only advantage of producing electricity from coal is that it will cost cheaper. ...
Coal generates electricity by being burnt while it heats water which produces steam. The steam passes through pipes under high pressure to turn turbines that generate ...
Coal is used to create electricity by burning it to heat water which in turn produces steam. The steam travels through pipes to turn turbines that are connected ...
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