How Does Condensation Form?


Condensation forms because humid air comes into contact with a cool surface like a glass full of ice water or a window. Water from the air forms droplets which gather on the surface. You can find more information here:
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It doesnt.
Water is always evaporating and condensing, said the USGS website. As long as the evaporation rate exceeds the condensation rate, the water molecules can’t stick together long
The cells from the bacteria already exists. It forms from the air or even it's sealed. Bacteria will grow when it gets wet or too dry. Depends on the climate.You can find more information
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Condensation forms on a drinking glass due to the Dew Point theory. The dew point depends on humidity and the temperature. The water molecules typically can't ...
Condensation is the reverse process of evaporation. Some of the examples of condensation include clouds and mist water. This is when gas form is reversed back ...
Condensation is a warming process because condensation is the result of a change in form from a gaseous state, to a liquid state. During this change, the gas ...
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