How Does Condensation Form?


Condensation forms because humid air comes into contact with a cool surface like a glass full of ice water or a window. Water from the air forms droplets which gather on the surface. You can find more information here:
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Condensation occurs when water molecules in the air are cooled very rapidly. When this happens they go from the gaseous phase to the liquid phase. So when you breath onto a window
Condensation forms on the exterior of windows when the dew point in the air outside is higher than the temperature of the exterior glass. Generally, this occurs in the spring or fall
It doesnt.
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Condensation forms on a drinking glass due to the Dew Point theory. The dew point depends on humidity and the temperature. The water molecules typically can't ...
When water molecules are cooled quickly in the air condensation occurs. At this moment the molecules change from a gaseous form to a liquid phase. This is why ...
Condensation reaction is a chemical reaction in which two molecules or functional groups combine to form one single molecule, together with the loss of a small ...
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