How can Congress check the powers of the President and the Supreme Court?


Congress has the ability to overrule the President's veto power with a 2/3 majority vote. Furthermore, Congress has the power to impeach the President, and must confirm the President's choices (i.e. appointment of the Supreme Court, etc. Congress che
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The President nominates the Candidate for the Supreme
The Supreme Court uses. judicial review. to declare laws passed by Congress (Legislative Branch) to be invalid if they are contrary to the Constitution. While the justices may only
It can tell Congress that a law it passed violated the U.S. Constitution& is therefore no longer a law
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The constitutional checks and balances on the power of the Supreme Court are done by the Congress and the President. The legislative branch checks on the Supreme ...
The Supreme Court only has appellate powers as deemed by an act of Congress. They are able to oversee and hear appeals on all cases, except those that involve ...
The Supreme Court of the United States is able to declare unconstitutional laws that Congress has passed. Congress may attempt to reinstate a law that the Supreme ...
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