How does Crack Affect the Brain and Body?


Cocaine makes your heart beat faster decreasing the size of your blood vessels and raises your blood pressure. There are areas in your body where that can be immediately damaged like the liver, stomach, bowels, heart, and lungs. It can cause convulsions, strokes. I can even cause a heart attack. You can find more information here:
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Many crack addicts lose intrest in normal everday life things. Crack also kills brain cells and causes loss of apetite resulting in weight loss and brain damage.
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it makes you do crazy stuff affects your learning and. it makes you do crazy stuff it affects your learning education life.
The key to knowing what behaviors a brain surgery operation might affect are most easily determined by the area that the brain surgery is in. Surgeries can be in numerous areas, including
Crack cocaine can cause severe addiction, tremors, and can effect communication
Depends on the quality. From a 'bang for your bucks' point of view it would have to be LSD.
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Crack or crystal methamphetamine affects your brain by stimulating the neurotransmitters creating an excitatory effect to the body functions and activities. ...
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