How Does Crime Affect the Community?


Due to high crime rates, a community loses money when investing in new jails. This means that instead of that money being invested in prevention; through higher wages or better education, taxpayers pay more to keep criminals safe and well. It also leads to paranoid and depressive behaviour associated with the effects of crime within the community.
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A significant portion of juvenile crimes include destruction of property, vandalism and theft. These crimes harm the owners of the stores or property where they occur, as well as
Crime effects the community on a number of levels and in a number of areas. For example, the theft of a car deprives the car owner of transportation, which may lead to a job loss,
Community crime statistics can be an important factor when determining where to move or take an extended vacation. While crime statistics can reveal a lot about the community, it
I don't have any data regarding proven community initiated crime prevention programs, but I do find the question interesting. I believe that the efficacy of neighborhood watch/observe
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