How Does Culture Affect Behavior?


Each person is born in a cultural setting. The way we are brought up, our schools, religion and our social setting determines our culture and our behavior.
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Business Dictionary defines ethical standards as: "Principles that when followed, promote values such as trust, good behavior, fairness, and/or kindness. Certainly, in business
Culture and lifestyle strongly affect behavior for the outstandingly obvious
H.L. Mencken made a reputation finding fault with American culture, in particular uplifters, joiners, and optimists. I never agreed with him on this area. Stand-up comedians use self-help
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A person's culture has an affect on their behavior. Different cultures believe in different things. In some cultures it may be respectful to take your shoes off when entering a house, where in other cultures it may be offensive. What a person believes will directly affect how they behave.
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Some of the factors that affect human behavior include genetics, social norms, attitude, and culture and core faith. Human behavior refers to the range of behaviors ...
A number of environmental factors may effect human behavior. Lighting, color schemes, textures, noise, and overcrowding can all influence a person's behavior ...
No matter how a child is brought up, his or her parents' cultures will have a profound effect on them. There are many different styles of parenting; some are authoritarian ...
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