How does d-CON mouse killer work?


The great thing about D con Mouse Killer is that there are different types depending on what you need. They have D con poison for mouse and they also have mouse traps. You can just choose whichever is more suitable for you. More people prefer the poison though although they sometimes find it hard to detect the smell of the dead mouse when it is hidden from view.
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Heck traps every day. Rodents are cunning; if they haven't been trapped in 4-5 days, move
NO RATS.JUST MICE.I have no idea where Zack M is getting his information from, because these new De-Con No View,No Touch Traps DO work.You load the bait tray from the bottom (I used
How does D-Con No View No touch mouse trap killed the mouse once it is
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The D con mouse killer provides a bait to attract mice. Once a mouse approaches and eats the bait, the poison of the bait spreads in its body and slowly kills it.
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