How Does Distillation Work?


The distillation process works by having a heat source vaporize the liquid source. It separates contaminants out, leaving you will a clean liquid!
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A liquid's boiling point is the temperature at which it transforms to vapor. Liquids retain their characteristic boiling point even when mixed with other liquids. This represents
Distillation is a form of purification, allowing you to separate the alcohol
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Distillation is used for separating 2 components which necessarily have quite different boiling points (if they are to close to each other, it is still possible but less easily as
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How Does Distillation Work?
Distillation is a procedure performed on liquids intended to separate it from other elements. The basic definition of distillation is the induction of heat to change the compound of the liquid to gas. The gas is then cooled and returns to liquid.... More »
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