How Does Environment Affect Human Behavior?


Environment affects human behavior in many ways and these include, an excessively restrictive environment can hold a person back from being who he truly is, thereby causing disruptive or emotional behavioral outbursts. Limiting a person indicates that he must conform or live up to a certain set of standards, which can lead to misery, worry and, later on, boldness .Secondly there is air quality that cause health related problems for instance when human beings continuously breathes in low quality air, it can cause lifelong problems such as anxiety, chronic bronchitis and asthma.
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our behavior affect the environment by putting more pollution in the air.
Attitude in a workplace is contagious. When managers introduce a new employee to their staff that is overwhelmingly negative, contentious and cynical, she will often take on these
There are many ways. Its like asking how the wind moves the kite.
The 3 motives of human behavior are: Arousal of behavior,
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