How Does Erosion Affect the Earth?


Erosion affects the earth by removing the fertile, productive part of the soil leading to loss of nutrients and water retention capacity of the soil. The subsequent poor soil quality results into reduced crop yields and flora coverage of the earth which in the end affects water cycle and eventually leading to global warming.
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How Does Erosion Affect the Earth?
Erosion occurs every day all over the Earth. It is a natural process involving wind, water, the sun and many other forces at work on the planet. Erosion changes the landscape of cities, mountains, buildings and rivers. Because of the ubiquity of erosion... More »
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As water erodes soil away from an area, it carries the dirt particles and deposits them sometimes hundreds of miles away. This silting process can cause major problems for humans.
Erosion is when soil is removed, my wind, water, even by organisms walking on it. Any force can cause erosion. It changes earth's surface by putting weathered materials into the ground
Erosion moves solids in the natural environment or their
Sunspots can affect the earth by auroral activity by creating magnetic storms. They also cause the earths upper atmosphere to swell, causing satellites to suffer from a diminished
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Erosion is the process whereby the Earth's surface gets worn down. It can be caused by natural elements such as gravity, wind, glacial ice, or water. It is the ...
Wind and Water Erosion are not likely to affect tides. Erosion is the procedure by which earth and rock are detached from the Earth's superficial by natural processes ...
It is movement of the solid earth, its parts and particles into the oceans, rivers and streams. It is the break down of earths solid compounds. ...
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