How Does Erosion Effect Humans?


Soil erosion is known for causes of serious diseases such as cholera and destruction of the natural habitat leading to desertification. Erosion is a process by which soil and rock are moved by natural process such as wind or water flow.
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Wind causes erosion by picking up small things and moving it to a new location and these small items may cause an impact on solid objects by causing abrasions.
Fungi takes rocks and breaks them down.
River erosion occurs vertically or laterally. Vertical erosion erodes the bed and lateral erodes the river sides. Vertical erosion is caused by the pull of gravity on the water down
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The common effects of erosion are: it damages ecosystems, causes loss of soil, sometimes it may result in sedimentation of water, overpopulation, reduction in ...
One of the effects of soil erosion is a loss of nutrients in the soil which makes it less productive. Over-sedimentation can also occur which can lead to excessive ...
Erosion effects landforms in many ways. Even since the beginning of time. The main force is through gravity, however, the most common is through moving water. ...
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