How Does Erosion Occur?


Erosion is the slow removal of layers of soil or the weathering of rock through the forces of nature, such as wind, rain, snow and flooding.
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Wind erosion occurs when water evaporates into the sky, and a heavy rain occurs, then, when the rain blows near mountains, the mountains move, and this causes wind erosion. <a
Soil erosion most commonly occurs when there is an increase in rain activity or rain
wind erosion mostly effects the sandy soils,or poor dry soils its wash aways the fertile soil because of which all of the essential nutrients removes from the soil which causes infertility
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Wind erosion and water erosion differ greatly. When wind erosion occurs, the sediment that blows away is fairly small constantly. When water erosion occurs, the ...
Wind erosion occurs when the wind carries very fine particles of clay and loam miles away. Wind erosion usually occurs in areas with very little vegetation. ...
Water erosion occurs anywhere there is strong running water. Water erosion happens when water causes what it touches to wear down. ...
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