How Does Eyelash Tinting Work?


Eyelash tinting can help those with naturally light collared lashes gain a darker and more noticeable lash line. Some special designed dyes for the eye area are available, and with proper application, can be very effective. Individual can do the tinting process, with follow-up of strict procedures to ensure the safety of the eye area.
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How Does Eyelash Tinting Work?
Eyelash tinting should be performed by professionals due to the fact that the cosmetic procedure involves the use of chemicals. Protect the eyes during the eyelash tinting procedure by using Vaseline and cotton pads with information from an experienced... More »
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Eyelash tinting is as method of making the hair follicles of the eyelashes darker to make them appear fuller and thicker. It is done by a professional concocting the desired dye colour and carefully applying it on the eyelashes using a small disposable brush. The process takes about 15-20 minutes.
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