How Does Facebook Generate Revenue?


Facebook generates revenue from advertisements. Advertisements that appear on each user's Facebook page have been huge generators of income for Facebook. Advertisers love this system because Facebook places the ads that would interest specific users on their pages. Remember, Facebook has more personal information about some of its users than even their best friends are privy to. There is no bigger moneymaker for Facebook than selling information about its users. In addition, Facebook generates income from its Virtual Gift Shop and other sidelines.
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Zynga's revenue for 2010 was estimated at $500-800m ( Facebook's revenue was estimated at $2b in 2010 ( Given
1. Obtain sales leads. Sales leads can be obtained in a number of different ways. You can network with other professionals, distribute information about your products and services
Advertising. just like tv or any other website that generates revenue.
Same here Bcu, thanks to adblock plus I had forgotten FB even had ads. :P
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