How does glycerin strengthen bubbles?


Glycerin strengthens the bonds of molecules in bubbles so that they can stretch further. Bubbles generally do not last long and will burst immediately when they come in contact with another object.

Bubbles are made of a very thin layer of fluid that forms a sphere around a pocket of air. A bubble made from pure liquid, such as water, is not very stable and will be hard to form. Adding soap or glycerin allows the bubble to become more stable and last longer. Glycerin is thick, clear and odorless, which helps the sphere of the bubble to be thicker.

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The practice of blowing bubbles goes back as far as the 17th century when children would blow bubbles out of clay pipes or use leftover dishwater to blow bubbles. Bubbles blown in
Glycerin is a type of sugar and makes particles expand more with oxygen, making a bigger bubble. ANS2: Glycerin added to the soap solution slows evaporation so the soap film stays
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Glycerine slows evaporation so the film stays fluid for longer, while both glycerin and corn syrup both lower surface tension so bubbles can form more easily.
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