How Does Granite Form?


Granite is an igneous rock. It is formed from magma. Most of it forms deep in the crust of the Earth. Most granite is more than a mile deep in the continental crust. Scientist still do not agree how much of it makes its way to the surface. You can find more information here:
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Kyanite, a pale-blue mineral, receives its name from the Greek word Kyanos, "dark blue" but can also be white, gray, green or black. With a density similar to that of diamonds
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All granites form by the cooling of magma deep in the crust (igneous intrusives). A grey granite probably has a high plagioclase and quartz content.
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Granite is an igneous rock that forms under the earths surface when magma cools and hardens. This process can take many many years before granite will actually form.
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Granite is a form of rock and is formed when you have potassium, flagioclase feldspars, puartz and biotite. When all the elements are combined they form granite ...
Granite is a common and occurring form of igneous rock. This rock is characterised by pink to gray colour and has a porphyritic texture which is sometimes called ...
Granite is usually found in the continental plates of the Earth's crust. It is an igneous rock and is formed from magma. Granites sometimes occur in circular depressions ...
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