How Does Gravity Work?


Based on Einstein's theory of general relativity, gravity is the curving of space-time by any object that has mass. Think of space-time as a rubber sheet. If you place a heavy object on it, it will bend the rubber. If you place a ball on the sheet, the curved surface will make the ball roll toward the heavier object. That's how gravity works in the four dimension of space-time.
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Gravity works on Earth by pulling all the things to the center of the Earth. For example if you throw a stone in the air it will not fall into the orbit but it would come back to
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Every particle of matter attracts other particles with a particular force, called the gravitational force. Objects with more mass have a higher gravitational force.
Gravity is the force of attraction between any two objects in the space. It is directly proportional to masses & inversely to square of distance. It holds & fixes path of rotation & revolution of planets & stars.
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