How Does Heat Transfer Work?


Heat transfer is a process by which internal energy from one substance transfers to another substance. Heat transfer can take place when heat flows through a heated solid (Conduction), when heated particles transfer heat to another substance, such as cooking something in boiling water(Convection) or when heat is transferred through electromagnetic waves (Radiation).
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How Does Heat Transfer Work?
There are three basic methods, or modes, for heat transfer. The first is conduction, which is heat transfer through a material or through contact. Convection is the second mode and describes heat transfer due to fluid currents, usually air, around a... More »
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Heat transfer works by the passing of warmth form one object to another. A simple example of heat transfer is a pan of boiling water. The heat from the stove element transfers to the water in the pan, causing it to boil. You can find more information here: http://www. grc. nasa. gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/heat. html
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