How Does Hunting Affect the Environment?


Hunting affects the environment in many ways. Hunting helps to keep the population of game animals such as deer, bear, and wild boar under control. Hunting also has an economic affect on wildlife conservation as the purchase of equipment, licences, and usage fees are used to help conserve our wildlife.
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Many states that allow hunting of specific animals, such as deer, turkeys and ducks, place restrictions on hunters. Specific seasons are set aside for hunting each species. Depending
Hunting can be good for the environment if a particular species is overpopulated. In some areas there are not enough predators and the population of their prey becomes to high. This
how does whale hunting affect the environment?
Petrol is a Fossil fuel. It gives out enormous amounts of Carbon-dioxide on combustion. All vehicles use petrol. So it causes environmental pollution.
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Currently there is a big debate as to whether hunting is good or bad for the environment. Those who propose that it is good give reasons such as the revenue generated ...
Deer hunting in the United States is not considered bad. Overpopulation is kept in check and over-hunting them is quite impossible due to federal and state laws ...
Hunting is good for the environment because it helps to keep the population down. If no one hunted, we may be overrun by deer, or other wild animals that are not ...
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