How Does Hydrochloric Acid Conduct Electricity?


Hydrochloric acid is able to conduct electricity because it is an electrolyte in water. When water is added to HCL, it becomes ionized and these ions are attracted towards the corresponding electrodes during electrolysis therefore, enabling it to conduct electricity. Generally, all strong acids and bases are able to conduct electricity.
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H. ions are more responsible for it then the much bigger Cl.
The separation of charges in hydrochloric acid provides a
dissasociate means it splitting up into hydrogen+ and chloride ions when its dissolved in water. The bonding is covalent but with the difference in ionization energy you can also
hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid have the same formula which is HCl. Apparently, Hydrogen chloride is the name of pure HCl.On the other hand, we call it hydrochloric acid if
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