How Does Injecting Air into Your Veins Kill You?


Injecting a small amount of air into your veins cannot kill you. This may occur during routine surgeries. A person would have to get a large amount of air in their system to kill them.
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It is extremely dangerous to inject any vein with air, I strongly advise against it. well as a heroin user i have injected my veins with air lots of times. i think I've put up to
When such an injection is given, the air bubbles start
This is generally considered to be a Bad Idea. Worst case, the air bubble pumps through your veins and ends up stuck somewhere, blocking the blood flow to something important like
This is sort of a myth, with some exceptions. I remember as a kid hearing that a single bubble of air would kill you. This is simply not the case. A small bubble in your vein is not
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The quantity of air in a person's veins that will kill them is infinitesimal. Such a phenomenon can even induce a heart attack. A doctor or a nurse flicks the ...
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