How Does Invisible Ink Work?


Invisible ink is ink that disappears shortly after it is used. Once dry the ink should be invisible and the paper appear perfectly blank. There are many different kinds of invisible ink and how the ink is read varies. Some of the common methods of revealing invisible ink are heat and ultraviolet light.
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1. Get some lemon juice and put it in a small bowl or other container. You can squeeze a lemon or buy some in a bottle. 2. Write a message with the lemon juice on a plain white piece
"Method One. The simplest method is to use lemon or onion juice to write with and let it dry. To reveal the writing, heat the paper with a iron, or other heat source. Method
1. Take a pen. Empty all of its ink. Ad. 2. Fill the pen up with vinegar. 3. Start writing with your vinegar pen! 4. You will find out that this dripping of vinegar will not work.
( in′viz·ə·bəl ′wrīd·iŋ ′iŋk ) (graphic arts) Ink that remains invisible until the color is brought out by the application
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How Does Invisible Ink Work?
An invisible ink is any kind of liquid ink that is invisible to the naked eye after it is used to write a message. It will remain invisible unless a person with knowledge of what ink was used applies the right developing agent to make it visible. For... More »
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