How Does Kakashi Die?


Kakashi dies after a battle with Deva Path who sent a nail flying at him, thinking him dead. Deva Path leaves and Kakashi wakes to send Choju to tell Tsunade about the abilities of Deva Path. Asura Path launched a missile at Choji and Kakashi then used Kamui to dispose of the missile to save Choju. This used up all of Kakashi's chakra and he died, his soul leaving his body, but his body is protected by one of Katsuyu's divisions. He finds himself with his dead father. After telling his life story he wakes up in the Konoha battlefield.
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Kakashi dies using up the last of his Chakra on Kamui to save Choji from Deva Path's missile, but soon after telling his father his life story (by request) Kakashi is revived by Nagato's
We do not know yet.So far he is denying that hes Lionblaze,Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf's father.So Lionblaze says something like theres no denying it cauze Jayfeather saw in Crowfeathers
Hollyleaf killed him, she killed by jumping out of a bush and biting him on the neck. yes because ashfur was by the river and hollyleaf jumped out and killed him and he fell and hit
Primrose Everdeen die in Mockingjay whenever President Snow sends parachutes {which were bombs } and Prim got blewn up.
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