How Does Knowledge of Child Development Help Parents with the Task of Parenting?


From my own experiences as a child development specialist, it is crucial that parents understand what is typical child development. They need to know child development so they know what kinds of toys to buy their children, what kinds of activities to do with their children, what television shows to let their children watch and just generally how to interact with their children. It is also important that parents know child development so they can identify any concerns or delays early on so they can be treated.
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I'm guessing so they can notice if anything is going wrong and so they know what to do if it is and if it's normal or not.
Teach your child to know him/herself, Love
Parents can help by observing their child during extracurricular activities or in the neighborhood and scoping out potential friends for their child. The potential friends should
it can be extremely helpful!! It lets you know what is going on with your children in all stages of life and goes way beyond just when its normal to crawl and walk... also once you
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1. Seek help. If parents believe their child's speech and language development is delayed, they should seek medical expertise. A physician can, many times, recommend ...
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