How Does Latitude Affect Temperature?


Latitude affects temperature because the further north or south from the equator, sunlight reaches Earth at more of an angle and radiation (heat) is deflected. This becomes most marked at the two poles. The equator has the most intense sunlight with the sun being directly overhead.
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For every 100-meter rise in altitude, temperature decreases by about 1 degree Celsius. Regions in high altitudes, such as mountainous places, experience low temperatures. The earth's
Latitude Affects temperature.
How Does Latitude Affect Temperature? The amount of direct sunlight that
The further north or south you get, the colder things get: the earth is hottest at the equator, because that's where the sun shines directly down on things, not at an an angle: The
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How Does Latitude Affect Temperature?
Latitude, along with longitude, is used to specify absolute location on earth. Lines of latitude run east and west, circling the globe. Latitude is measured by the number of degrees formed by the angle from the equator to the center of the Earth and from... More »
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The latitude affects the temperature of an area because it relates to its distance from the warmest area on Earth, which is around the equator. The equator marks 0 latitude, so the larger the latitude, the cooler the area.
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There are various factors that affect temperature on a global scale. Some of these factors are latitude, altitude, continentality, prevailing winds and ocean currents ...
Latitude affects climate by influencing the intensity of the sun in a region. The angle and duration of the sun's energy determine surface temperature so that ...
There are several factors that affect the temperature and they include: latitude, height above sea level, ocean currents, winds, clouds and slope of the land. ...
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