How Does Laundry Detergent Work?


The surfactant molecules surround the surface of the oil or surface on the laundry fibres and roll it up into globules, the globules are lifted up and out into the motion of the wash water and remain floating free on a layer of water loving surfactant heads. The oily substance is emulsified and removed as you clean.
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How Does Laundry Detergent Work?
Laundry detergent reduces the surface tension of water, allowing the water to penetrate and completely wet the fabrics that need to be cleaned. The laundry detergent lowers the interfacial tension between the fabric and the laundry detergent and water... More »
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Non biological detergents they naturally consist of hydrophobic or water-hating components and hydrophilic or water-loving components. The hydrophobic components that are repelled by water are attracted to oil and grease. The washing powder components do not work well until agitation occurs. Turning the soapy water around allows the washing powder or detergent to pull the grime away from clothes and into the larger pool of wash water. Rinsing washes the detergent and soil away. When warm or hot water is used, it melts fats and oils so that it is easier for the detergent to soften the soil and draw it into the rinse water, hence leaving the clothes clean.
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