How does layaway work at Walmart?


Layaway is a deferred-payment plan offered by Walmart during the Christmas season. An individual can set aside one or more item at its current price, and pay the amount owed in small installments. A Five dollar refundable fee, and 10 percent of the total purchase, are due at the time of opening the layaway account. Once the account is paid off, the five dollars will be refunded to a Walmart gift card.
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Layaway is only offered on Jewelry at Walmart. The person who answered above is partially correct. Walmart allows layaway in Jewelry and also in select stores they do allow layaway
Walmart no longer has a layaway policy. Most companies don't because they use credit
Oct.17th saw it in the store the other day & also it's online as well. Source(s) Walmart.
As the first answer states, you have to put 10% down on the item to have it on layaway for 90 days. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012 at 12:51AM EST. Source:
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