How Does Levitation Work?


The premise of levitation revolves around the principal of magnetic polarity.As electricity passes through the magnets, the repelling force between two magnets escalates to push the two devices apart, if this motion takes place on a vertical plane, the effect is 'termed' levitation.
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I'm sure you have seen an act of levitation if you have ever gone to a magic show. Mysteriously, the person lying on the table begins to float up into the air as if they are weightless
Levitation is, seemingly, a person's ability to defy gravity and float above the ground. In India, yogis appear to sit above the ground for extended periods of time, a result of their
1 Build up your presentation . Don't announce your intention to levitate because it will arouse their suspicion and they'll watch you very carefully. Instead, tell them that you're
Levitation tricks can be an important part of a magician's performance. These types of tricks don't necessarily have to be expensive. You can do many levitation tricks without having
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Tape one end of a thread to pencil and other end to shirt. ...
Maglev is a word that is short for magnetic levitation. This method of transportation uses the power of magnets to provide lift and movement for the Maglev trains ...
Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Trains operate on a simple principal. Powerful magnets in both the tracks and the train are given a like charge so they repel and ...
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