How Does Literature Affect Society?


Literature affects society in a variety of ways. The most obvious way is that it gives society entertainment and literature has served this function for thousands of years. Literature has also been known to affect thinking in a society, influencing movements, social change, and even revolutions.
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It does not. If you say America unlock the doors, you may inspire or depress individuals, potentially adding or subtracting upon the oversoul. It is presumptous to say, "Uncle
It can inform, misinform, soothe, anger, frustrate, calm, music is one of those things that can add or take away from particular emotions.
It helps for people to really get an in-depth view of life in someone else's shoes. You get to almost live in another world while reading a book. A world that may be very foreign
While More's "Utopia" is often viewed as partly satire, inasmuch as some of its content seems to clash with the personality and beliefs of the author, it is nevertheless
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