How Does Microwave Sensor Cooking Work?


Many microwaves are equipped with sensors that are programmed to sense steam levels. Newer models are more sophisticated and can sense certain chemical reactions that occur when food is ready to eat. People can smell the food if the microwave has heated the food to the proper level. This is how microwave sensor cooking works.
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To cook with a microwave sensor, make sure the interior of the unit is dry. Cover the food with a splatter shield. Most sensors need the food to be covered. Press the Sensor Cook button on the microwave until the desired type of food is displayed. A microwave sensor system is preprogrammed to the type of food you select. Sensor cooking may under cook the item, so make sure the food is done before serving and consuming.
A microwave sensor works when it gets the vapors from the cooking food. The vapor allows the sensors to determine the amount of heat the heat is needed to finish the heating of your food.
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