Music Affect Memory?


Music affects memory by stimulating the limbic part of the brain, which is the part responsible for long-term memory. In addition to long term memory, the limbic system is involved in engaging emotional and musical responses which makes learning through music highly effective at memory retention. Music also relieves stress and enhances the memory of dementia and Alzheimer`s patients.
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How Does Music Affect Your Memory?
Music can trigger powerful memories from one's past. The affect of music on personal memory has been a popular movie theme ("High Fidelity," for example, and more recently "500 Days of Summer"). Songs that were popular in your youth will trigger memories... More »
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Music first affects the medial; pre-frontal cortex of our brain. This part of the brain is where the recall of autobiographical details. When on hears a song linked to something in the past it can trigger memories for that period of time.
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