How Does Music Affect Plants?


It has been researched that music therapy works wonders on plants. If you have wilted plants they will come to life and look more vibrant. You can find more information here:
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An Indian scientist in the early 20th century, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, was the first to suggest the theory that flowers could respond to music. Bose was a plant physiologist who
Sand drains much more readily than those with clay and organic matter. This means the plant does not get as much water in sandy soil. Neither does sand contain many nutrients. Typically
Music's affect on heart rate offers inexpensive and even enjoyable health benefits, including relaxation before medical procedures, improved motor abilities for stroke and Parkinson's
too much salt in the water inhibits the plants ability to draw water from the soil and eventually it will die of thirst.
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How Does Music Affect a Plant?
There are several schools of thought on the way plants are affected by music, if at all. On one extreme is the argument that plants don't have ears and therefore don't have the mechanism to hear music. On the other is the argument that music is more than... More »
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