How Does Music Affect Plants?


It has been researched that music therapy works wonders on plants. If you have wilted plants they will come to life and look more vibrant. You can find more information here:
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Music can be used to incite and inhibit plant growth, depending on the type of music that is played. Melodies have also been shown to soothe animals that are frightened or cause animals
Music has not yet been proven to have an effect on plant. germination. However, numerous studies have been done on the effect of music on plant. growth. More information can be found
Growing plants need adequate supplies of 16 soil nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, to thrive. Fertilizers replenish nutrient levels in the soil. Pesticides, which
Pea plants grow in clay soil if it is well draining. Add compost and organic matter several weeks before planting. Pea plants grow in sandy soil if the soil contains enough nutrients
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