How Does Music Affect Plants?


It has been researched that music therapy works wonders on plants. If you have wilted plants they will come to life and look more vibrant. You can find more information here:
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Classical music encourages plant growth. get happy! image by Cristina Bernhardsen from In Dorothy Retallack's book "The Sound of Music and Plants, Retallack lists
the sound waves coming from the music you play everyday affects plant life. the sound waves can either be negative, or postive, depending on what type of music is played. classic
After eating a salty snack one often becomes very thirsty. This is because the salt works against moisture on whatever it touches. Salt is a desiccant, meaning it draws moisture out
where you pour the bleach it changes the soils color to a white color and the next day it becomes wilted.
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How Does Music Affect a Plant?
There are several schools of thought on the way plants are affected by music, if at all. On one extreme is the argument that plants don't have ears and therefore don't have the mechanism to hear music. On the other is the argument that music is more than... More »
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