How does netflix work?


To use Netflix, you need to create a log in and pay your monthly fee. Once these beginning steps are taken care of, you then add movies that you wish to see to your Queue, and then Netflix sends them to you to view. You then return them in the envelope that they provide and the next dvd will be sent to you. There are also ways that you can watch movies instantly through your computer or gaming system.
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1. Press the Market icon on your Droid X phone. 2. Press the "Search" icon in the upper right corner of the market screen. 3. Type "Netflix" in the search box.
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There is a CD and There is an app (i guess thats what you call it on the wii) but i am not sure how to get the app but i think you can get the Netflix Wii disc from the netflix website
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How Does Netflix Work?
In the past, movie-watching typically entailed driving out to the theater and paying for movie tickets. Thanks to services such as Netflix, though, it's easy to bring the same experience into your home. Netflix's DVD services directly send DVDs or... More »
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From my experience, Nexflix allows you to rent as many movies for a small monthly fee. You pick the DVD you want to watch and it arrives in the mail. You are able to keep the DVD for as long as you want, and send it back for a new one in the mail. There is also an option to watch them on your phone or computer without having to get the DVD in the mail.
Netflix is a company that offers dvd's in the mail or watch instantly on your tv and computer for a monthly fee. They have thousands of movies and television shows.
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