Become a Fluffer?


A fluffer is defined as a person who works on the sets of pornographic films. His/her main job is to ensure that the male actors in these films are kept aroused at all times so that they are able to play their roles. To become one, you can visit any of the film studios that are known to do this work and enquire for a vacancy since they do not advertise.
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To get a job as a fluffer try visiting websites designed to help get jobs in the adult
porn companies, don't really use fluffers anymore, since the introduction of viagra, so its very unlikely you'll find work.
Any woman or man can become a fluffer as long as they can arouse the male actor.
Contact a porn company and ask them about becoming a fluffer.
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A fluffer is a person whose job is to sexually arouse the male actors in a porn movie. To become a fluffer you will need to apply in a company that produces such films. Bluffers are usually in the make up department, and also “fluff” the actors in between takes so that they wouldn’t have to change their positions.
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