How does osmosis explain the fact that a watery syrup forms when you put sugar on strawberries?


Osmosis is the movement of water from one location to another caused by a difference in the solutes. In the case of a strawberry, the sugar you add to the outside is a highly concentrated form of solute. For this purpose the strawberries represent a very weak solute. Thus the water will move from the inner strawberry to the sugar on the outside, in an attempt to balance out the two disparate solutes. It is the osmotic pressure of the water that creates this movement, one that will stop when the concentration levels are balanced.
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When you put sugar on a strawberry osmosis is what happens when the watery syrup comes out since osmosis is the diffusion of higher concentration from down to up.
When sugar is put on strawberries it makes the outside of the strawberry cells hypertonic. This hypertonicity draws water out of the strawberry cells forming the watery syrup. The
Sugar takes up space. Water leaves inside of strawberry to equalize water on both sides.
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