How Does Pearl Amuse Herself?


During her first three years, Pearl, who is so named because she came 'of great price,' grows into a physically beautiful, vigorous, and graceful little girl. She is radiant in the rich and elaborate dresses that Hester sews for her. Pearl shows a love of mischief and a disrespect for authority.
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Pearl herself is aware of her difference from others, and when Hester tries to teach her about God, Pearl says, "I have no Heavenly Father! Because Pearl is her mother's constant
Pearl amuses herself by playing with the seaweed, foam, crabs, and
Dear Syl, That's a tough age for Vegas. She's too young to gamble, and too old to do the "kid stuff". You should note that some casinos do not allow children to enter the
Despite her adorned "A", however, Hester wore very plain clothes herself. The fancy clothes she made were for the women of the town. It is ironic and hypocritical that
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