How Does Penicillin Work?


Penicillin operates by dissolving the cell wall of bacteria, dispersing its cytoplasm and other cell systems. One essential component of the bacterial cell wall is transpeptidase, which accepts molecules of penicillin as a substrate attachment. The penicillin activates, preventing peptidoglycan reactions that strengthen links in the cell wall. This leads inevitably to cytolysis and cell death
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Penicillin kills the cell wall of the microorganism. It inactivates
Penicillin does not cure illnesses, only stops infections. It is an antibiotic, meaning it kills bacteria, and thats it. Its great, because it is not toxic to humans, but it is very
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Penicillin first used in WWII was considered a wonder drug as it commonly was used to treat battle wounds. It works by compromising the structure of the bacterial cell wall and is ultimately destroyed.
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