How Does Piggy Die in Lord of the Flies?


Piggy dies in Chapter 11 of Lord of the Flies. This happens when he and Ralph had gone to the Castle Rock to try and talk to Jack to get him to give back Piggy's glasses. Jack and Ralph fight and Roger shoves a large rock down the mountainside. Ralph dives out of the way when he hears the rock but the rock strikes Piggy. It shatters the conch shell he was holding, and knocks Piggy off the mountainside and onto the rocks below. This results in his death.
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Piggy dies in Chapter 11 (Castle Rock) he dies by Roger throwing a giant boulder down the hill where it hits Piggy between his knee and his chin and knocks him unconscious and over
Not a direct victim of spears as the pigs killed by the hunters, Piggy
Ralph is a likeable and attractive 12-year-old boy who easily becomes the leader on the island. He is democratic and lets all of the kids use the conch to speak and likes the idea
Roger released a rock from above that flew down from the cliff above and hit Piggy, knocking him down. He fell forty feet and landed (dead) on his back down by the water. Then the
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Selected below is some of the Lord of the Flies quotes that describe Piggy include 'How can you assume to be released if you don't put first things first and act ...
Piggy. ...
In Lord of the Flies, Piggy represents innocence in a dark world that holds the theme survival of the fittest. His glasses symbolize his intellect and dependence ...
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