How does Piggy die in "Lord of the Flies?"


Piggy in "Lord of the Flies" dies when a rock is thrown at him from a cliff, hitting him in the head and causing him to fall 40 feet to his death. The all-important conch shell, which kept order on the island and called the boys to meetings, shatters at the same time Piggy is killed.

In "The Lord of the Flies," Piggy represents the rational side of civilization. When Piggy is killed, all pretense of rational conduct is abandoned in the "society" established by the youth on the island. This reality is underscored with the boy's body washing out into the open sea after he is killed.

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Piggy was holding the conch and trying to talk to Jack and the other boys on how to survive. Roger, who is truly evil, slide a boulder over the edge of a cliff. The rock fell on top
Not a direct victim of spears as the pigs killed by the hunters, Piggy
In my opinion, this is because when Piggy and the conch both die, civilization and order have died along with them. As you know, the conch is a symbol of civilization and order on
Piggy and Ralph went to Castle rock to obtain Piggy's glasses. Roger sends a boulder down the slope. Piggy is hit with the boulder and falls off the cliff onto a rock sticking out
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