How does Piggy die in "Lord of the Flies?"


Piggy in "Lord of the Flies" dies when a rock is thrown at him from a cliff, hitting him in the head and causing him to fall 40 feet to his death. The all-important conch shell, which kept order on the island and called the boys to meetings, shatters at the same time Piggy is killed.

In "The Lord of the Flies," Piggy represents the rational side of civilization. When Piggy is killed, all pretense of rational conduct is abandoned in the "society" established by the youth on the island. This reality is underscored with the boy's body washing out into the open sea after he is killed.

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When Piggy and Ralph were at Castle Rock Roger pushed the boulder over the cliff and Piggy was killed when it hit part of his body and knocked him off the mountain forty feet on to
Piggy is murdered and his after-death is also compared to the dying twitches
Everybody on the island hates Piggy and they want to kill him, and Ralph's leadership establishes some fairness and rules, and also gives the other boys things to do so they don't
I don't think the age was ever said. He's definitely less than 13 and I'm certain the littluns are less than 8. Since Piggy is not one of the littluns, I'd say he's roughly 10-12.
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