How Does Pollination Differ between Angiosperms and Gymnosperms?


Polination between angiosperms and gymnosperms are different. Pollination in gymnosperms happen when pollen from plant flowers are carried from one plant to another through the wind. On the other hand, pollination in angiosperms occur due to insects, particularly bees. These two are also different because the seeds of angiosperms are inside the fruit while seeds of gymnosperms can be found outside the ovule.
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Angiosperm , term denoting seed plants in which the
Gymnosperm plants most resemble those of prehistoric times and are so called because they are characterized by naked (gymnos) seeds (sperm) Seeds are held within scaly tissues often
Xylem are of two kinds: Vessel elements. and Tracheids. Gymnosperms have vessel elements. Angiosperms have vessel elements and tracheids.
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The major difference between angiosperm and gymnosperm is found on the seed. This is where angiosperm seeds are coated within the fruits. While on the other hand ...
A conifer tree is a gymnosperm, which means its seeds are not enclosed internally but are usually cones (like pine trees). An angiosperm is a hardwood tree whose ...
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