How Does Pollination Take Place?


Pollination takes place when the pollen falls on the stigma and the ovules are fertilised. The transmission of the pollen onto the stigma takes place through insects or air. In the case of self-pollinated flowers, the pollen of the same flower is deposited on its stigma in the same manner.
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Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male anther to the female stigma in a flower. In flowers like the pea flower the stigma is an opening located in the center of the flower
Before flowers can produce they must be pollinated. Pollination is the transfer of pollen by pollinators, wind, or other means. This process occurs when pollen, which is produced
A saguaro can only be fertilized by pollen from another cactus. The pollen attracts birds, bats and insects which go from saguaro to saguaro to enjoy the sweet nectar. If fertilization
it doesn't reproduce
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Pollination takes place when pollen lands on the stigma of a plant. Bees usually move around visiting flower after flower with nectar. In the process, bees trap ...
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