How Does Pollution Affect the Earth?


One of the most common ways pollution affects the earth is called the greenhouse effect. This is when the heat from the sun can not get back out into space because of all of the pollution in the air.
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Nitrogen and phosphorus are nutrients that become water pollutants when they enter rivers, lakes and oceans through runoff, such as rain washing excess fertilizer from a lawn into
Car pollution affects the earth by the occurs of ozone, which is a colorless gas. An ordinary molecule of oxygen that contains 2 atoms.
1. Droughts or natural storms can happen more. 2. Many plants, animals, and trees die. 3. Global warming gets increased by 30 percent due to pollution. 4. Pollution leads to acid
1. Give financial support to an environmental or conservation organization. Make a donation to an organization committed to fighting pollution. Conservation International is one organization
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There are several ways in which pollution can affect the earth. One major effect that pollution is global warming. Other effects would include affecting the health of humans and other living organisms. Disease and illnesses can be brought about by pollution of the atmosphere and of water sources.
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