How Does Portia Die?


In the Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar, Portia is one of the two substantial female roles. Her death was mentioned twice in the play. In Act 4, Scene 3, Brutus speaks to Cassius and tells him that Portia died by swallowing fire, or hot coals. As Brutus tells Cassius of her death, he follows the philosophy of stoicism and remains calm, then turns his attention to the war. The second time her death is mentioned, it is in the same scene by Massala.
Q&A Related to "How Does Portia Die?"
She swallowed hot coals or "swallowed fire" Portia "swallows fire" or hot coals. she ate hot coal.
Cassius, referring to Portial dying: Upon what sickness?
I'm going to assume you mean the Portia in Julius Caesar since the Portia in The Merchant of Venice doesn't die. Brutus' wife Portia dies by swallowing fire.
Stars burn hydrogen, and when that hydrogen runs out, they die. When they die and how they die, however, differ depending on the size and type of the star. Hot, bright stars die sooner
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