How Does Powerball Payout?


If one gets all of the numbers on Powerball, the Powerball payout will be the entire jackpot. If you get all five numbers without the Powerball you would get $1,000,000. The smallest payout would be $4.00 if you get just the Powerball number.
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The Powerball Jackpot for March 16, 2013 will have 30 average
I believe every conference splits the payout amongst ALL of its members. For example, The Big XII took OU's and Texas' BCS payouts and split them evenly across its twelve schools.
First you have to buy your ticket/tickets. The player must pick five numbers between 1-59 and then one number which is the Powerball number between 1-35. When you buy your ticket/
Lottery: Matching two numbers plus the powerball wins the player seven dollars (7) The odds of a player matching two numbers plus the powerball are 1:745. report this answer. Updated
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