How Does Powerball Payout?


If one gets all of the numbers on Powerball, the Powerball payout will be the entire jackpot. If you get all five numbers without the Powerball you would get $1,000,000. The smallest payout would be $4.00 if you get just the Powerball number.
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Current Powerball Jackpot is at $250.00 Million! You can also Order Lottery Ticket
To be clear, the payout for the PowerBall in Florida is the same as the PowerBall payout in the rest of the country. There is only ONE PowerBall. It is played by MANY states throughout
The amount was 365 mil on 2/18.
The table below shows the payout amounts for Ohio Lottery Powerball: Powerball Lottery General Information. via. kwout. The Ohio Lottery plays five state drawn games such as: Pick
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