How Does Pressure Affect Solubility?


Solubility is affected by pressure most especially with liquids and solids. The pressure dependence of solubility does occasionally have practical significance in terms that when the pressure decreases, so does solubility.
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Air pressure does affect the solubility of a gas in a liquid. The higher the pressure above a liquid, the more gas that can be dissolved in that liquid, to a limit of course. The
The solubility of any gas decreases as the temperature of the gas i...
All gases follow the pattern that they are more soluble in colder water. For example, 1 kg of water can hold up to 0.03 g of nitrogen gas at 0 degrees Celsius (assuming one atmosphere
An increase in temperature produces an increase in solubility (usually, most common) while a decrease in temp. produces a decrease in solubility. Solubility increases with an increase
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Pressure has a negative affect on solubility. The higher the air pressure, the lower the solubility. This is because pressure causes the molecules of the liquid to be forced closer together which decreases the solubility of gases in the liquid.
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