How Does Prevailing Winds Affect Climate?


Dominate air currents that affect the climate is known as prevailing winds. These prevailing winds affects the climate by bringing bringing in cold or warm air. This can cause storms to occur, as well as helping temperatures to rise and fall.
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the prevailing winds affect the climate because when the wind kicks up it takes moisture into the atmosphere. It affects the amount of precipitation that a region recieves. due to
Planetary winds affect the climate because they can cool off the
Monsoon winds are an example.Over India south-west monsoon blows from June to September every year and the wind direction is south westerly over most parts of India during this period.These
As Earth orbits the sun, it also revolves around an axis that is tilted 23 ½ degrees. This tilt results in one hemisphere being tipped toward the sun for about half the year,
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